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Employee Testimonial

​Meet Jason Wang 

jason1.jpgJust as Information Technology is in a state of constant transformation, so is FHLB Dallas Enterprise Architecture Manager Jason Wang. At the end of 2015, Jason – at the self-described "half-time" of his career – went on a three-month hiatus in search of personal growth.

He traveled to his home country of China, where he reconnected with family and friends, some of whom were opening their own business and hiring college graduates. As he lent his English skills to one friend's fledgling outsourcing business, Jason said the energy his friends had for their businesses and bright outlooks on life gave him a new perspective on life.

"Sometimes during mid-career, you can get complacent," Jason explains. "I had been thinking about going to graduate school full-time and getting my MBA."

He took a three-month sabbatical instead, which was the "best thing I could have done."

Jason said that seeing and spending time with new graduates was reinvigorating and was just the change of perspective he needed.

When he came back from the sabbatical, the 10-year FHLB Dallas veteran applied his new perspective to a new role. Having started at the Bank in 2006 as a developer, Jason's long-time goal was to use his skill set toward strategic planning and IT modernization. Now he does just that.

"In a way, my sabbatical unlocked my potential to help influence the future of the Bank, helping me recharge so I can take on these new responsibilities," he said.

As for his plan to obtain his MBA, that plan is still in full effect as he was recently admitted to the University of Texas – Austin McCombs Schools of Business (DFW Program).

"It's important to continue to invest in yourself," Jason said. "My sabbatical helped me solidify my decision to pursue my MBA."

The sabbatical did more than provide Jason with a fresh perspective and clarity. It also served as the inspiration for his application essay. The subject? Self-reflection and personal growth.