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Employee Testimonial

​Meet Alfred Miller

miller2.jpgAs an investments and derivatives analyst at FHLB Dallas, Alfred ensures that all Bank investments and derivatives meet the accounting standards. In his 13 years at FHLB Dallas, he has learned to be flexible and adaptable, even when conditions aren't ideal and he's facing tight deadlines.

What Alfred enjoys most about his job is the challenge of determining where and how to integrate new products into our Treasury and portfolio management platform. He takes pride in improving the array of products FHLB Dallas offers members and ensuring they are working properly.

"The Capital Markets and Member Solutions groups come up with the products," Alfred explained. "I find a way to make them work."

Accuracy and reliability are key components in Alfred and his team's efforts to help member institutions effectively serve their customers.

This is what motivates Alfred to own his work every day.

"To do my job properly, I have to take ownership of the products I'm placing," he said. "While the products are created outside of my department, we are all owners in the sense that we consider the members' best interests in finding the most effective ways to place the funds."

Outside of work, you can usually find Alfred at the track. His daughters are competitive runners, and Alfred is their biggest fan. He never misses a meet and enjoys being able to support his daughters through their tough training and competitions.

miller1.jpgFor the past 10 years, Alfred has volunteered with a project called the McKinney Track Attack, whose aim is to encourage children who are interested in running. The McKinney Track Attack helps these children compete and achieve success, teaching them endurance and determination throughout the summer months.

On the track and off the track, Alfred understands the value of hard work.

"Everyone on my team is a hard worker," he said of his FHLB Dallas department. "We handle a lot of volume, but we do our best at every task given to us. We listen to each other and definitely have a team focus."

Alfred says that while accounting is a pretty straightforward field, his particular job is not as clear. He often has to process complex – sometimes ambiguous – information, gain a complete understanding of it, and repurpose in an applicable manner.

"Everything that goes through the Bank goes through the Accounting department," Alfred said. "That's the end product. If we don't do our job right, the Bank doesn't work right."