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Employee Testimonial

Meet Steven Matkovich

steven1.jpgSteven jokes that he is a professional "hand holder," in the best sense of the phrase as he ensures that in gaining understanding about FHLB Dallas' affordable housing grant programs, members "don't fall."

As a senior affordable housing analyst, Steven's job is to ensure the grant money offered by the Bank through its members reaches the communities that are most in need. FHLB Dallas offers a number of specialized grant and advance programs to assist members in financing affordable housing and economic development in the communities they serve. Steven assists members in understanding the programs FHLB Dallas offers so they may assist their customers with first-time homebuyer assistance, critical home repairs, multifamily housing projects, homeless facilities, and upgrades to local businesses.

"I bring awareness to the programs FHLB Dallas offers," said Steven. "I help members understand the programs and how they can benefit their customers and communities through the programs."

No two days are the same for Steven, as he says that each case and conversation is different. He says he often has to get creative to meet each member's unique needs.

As the father of two children, Steven applies the same emphasis on excellence at home as he does at the Bank. His daughter, Bryanna, is a competitive swimmer and member of the National Junior Honor Society, and his son, Ryan, was recently accepted into the gifted and talented program, and is a youth baseball league champion.

Ryan has his dad to thank for that championship. Not only did Steven encourage his son to do his best, but as coach of the team, this year he drove them from last year's third place position to an undefeated, first place finish using the theme of "Good to Great" from the book he was encouraged to read. "I used the book along with the knowledge I gained at the Bank and applied it my coaching," said Steven. "Early in the season, I asked the 8-year-old boys, 'how will you go from good to great?' and they did the rest."

steven2-1.jpgSteven attributes his work ethic to being the first in his family to attend and graduate from college.

"I know what it's like to work hard. I want to instill the same work ethic in my children," he said.

Steven embraces his role as a trusted advisor to his son's team, his family, and members, saying that the only thing that matters in the end is their success.

"If I've made any contribution to the end result, whether it's a youth baseball championship, my daughter making the varsity swim team as a freshman, or our members' success in serving their customers, then I'm happy," he said. "When they succeed, I succeed."